About Fresh Start

Since our inception in 2014, it has been our goal to deliver top quality cleaning and service you can depend on. We know that finding the perfect cleaning company can be a challenge, so we want to make the choice easy for you. We are locally owned and operated and our main goal is to deliver top notch and thorough cleaning to make your life a little bit easier and your space a whole lot cleaner.
Our experienced team is committed to clean, so you can rest easy and know that our attention to detail will leave you with a spotless home or office. Because it’s always a good time for a Fresh Start.

Melissa's Story

My story starts in 2010. Life is good! 3 children, I’m working as a scientist.. specializing in microbiology and my hubby is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. And just like that, life changed drastically for all of us. I had to swiftly change gears to make sure I was available for my family.
I started by cleaning just one residential home. Which quickly turned into 30 homes, and then business offices and construction companies were asking for quotes.
I met Arlene at a party and we decided to team up together!
Our logo came from my mother who always had a bowl of lemons on the table. And we always used Lemon Pine-Sol®!

Arlene's Story

I originally started cleaning houses 24 years ago because I wanted something that had flexibility as I had a young daughter.
I needed a job where I could bring her to work with me. Melissa and I were introduced at a party 6 years ago because people thought we looked alike. We decided to go into business together in 2014 and the rest is history! We both needed a FreshStart at one point in our life!
So here we are!